About Us

Horn VPN is a service that provides fast connection speeds and excellent security. It is rare to find a Hornvpn service that provides such fast speeds across its network. It is also one of the leading providers of private internet access, giving you safety and security while online.

With 47+ countries worldwide and 36+ server locations, you can be sure to find a secure connection no matter where you are. Horn VPN also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible service. Whether you’re looking for fast speeds or excellent security, it is a perfect choice.

Our Values


Unlike other VPN services, we provide full transparency so you know who is running the service. We are well known for our work improving Internet security and privacy.


We will always tell you what VPN can and can't protect, as even the best VPN service has limitations. When it comes to security, we believe in transparently communicating the threat model.

Security First

Proton VPN does not use insecure protocols and encryption levels. Proton VPN benefits from the security experience gained from building the world's largest secure email service.

Technical Excellence

We have a long track record when it comes to security. Whether it's operating our own Secure Core servers for privacy or using 10 Gbps networks for performance, quality comes first.


Proton VPN is community supported and community is everything to us. We provide professional customer support to the entire Proton VPN community, including free users.

Privacy & Security for everyone

Our mission is to make online security and privacy accessible to all. To help achieve this goal, we provide a free VPN so that everyone can securely and privately access the Internet.

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